Personalized Maps from a Leading Direct Mail House

Personalized maps set the New Neighbor Mailing program apart as an innovator in direct mail marketing. Targeting recent New Movers in the immediate vicinities surrounding a customer’s retail location, these mailers are designed to drive foot traffic and incremental sales.

Susan K. Bailey Marketing & Design

At Susan K. Bailey, our mission is to create effective marketing that demonstrates the positive results that fitness can bring to life. We offer market-tested promotions and original creative and copy. We maintain an enormous photo library that offers an unparalleled collection of compelling, human and active lifestyle images. We share with our clients a unique understanding of their industry having worked with hundreds of health clubs and fitness centers for almost two decades. We also have a unique understanding and a solid belief in direct mail as being the most targeted, attention-grabbing and cost-effective way of advertising ever invented. Direct mail, our first love, can become your secret weapon.

For more information about our company, please visit: https://susankbaileymarketing.com/